The Prophets

And Haggai, the messenger of the Lord, as one of the messengers of the Lord, spoke. (Haggai 11:13)

The books of the Prophets: Joshua, Judges, Ruth, Kings… seek to induce the reader to follow the Law which established the commands necessary for us to follow if we are to arrive at eternal life.

A herald has two jobs: declaring the kings laws to the people and those benefits gained by following the law.

Four books present the benefits of following the law: Joshua, Judges, Ruth, and Kings. Joshua presents the reward we inherit from those who bound themselves to the Law of God. The second benefit related to us by the prophets is the destruction of our enemies in the book of Judges. The final benefit is the exaltation of the people. First an individual Ruth is raised to a higher status, then the whole people are improved in Kings. 

The texts literal presentation of these benefits is the Jewish people’s inheritance of the land promised to Abraham in Joshua. In Judges the enemies of the Jewish people are driven out the promised land. Once the enemies of the people are driven out they can begin to prosper, and this is illustrated first in the person of Ruth and then for the whole people in the book of Kings. 

A spiritual ..

Certain edicts are proposed to the people by five books: Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, and Daniel so that they might more easily follow the Law.

Isaiah seeks to move the people to follow the law by cajoling them with the promise of future reward, namely the Incarnation. Jeremiah warns the people of future punishment, spiritually this punishment is the Passion of the Lord. Ezekiel argues with and condemns the peoples sins. He foretells  the Resurrection. Daniel differs from these three by speaking about Christs Divinity, rather than his humanity, nor does he speak with to the people in the person of the Lord but rather he speaks about future events in his own person.

The evangelists in turn speak about the Incarnation, Passion, Resurrection, and Divinity of the Christ. Thus they two seek to propose certain edicts by which we may more easily follow the Law of God.