Dr Anthony Liles

When should a therapist refer their client to a spiritual director? What ages of the spiritual life might be misdiagnosed by a psychologist? How ought psychologists attend to their own spiritual lives? All this and much more on the FULL interview with Dr Liles. Dr Anthony Liles is the Academic Dean at St John’s Seminary in Camarillo, CA. His specialty is in Spiritual Theology and he helped me to understand the relationship between spiritual direction and psychology better than anyone else. I am releasing the full episode this week because the conversation was too good not to share, be sure … Continue reading Dr Anthony Liles


How can we navigate difficult situations? One way is to understand our intention. How can couples talk about each others intentions in a fruitful way? Find out on today’s show! Be sure to hit the connect button in the top right hand corner and send me your questions. The last Thursday of the month I host a live Q&A session on YouTube. Be sure to subscribe over there to get notifications of new episodes! Continue reading Intention

Adam Cross

Therapist Adam Cross discuss what it is like to incorporate the faith into his practice. He and I discuss prayer and anxiety. For more great content from Adam check out his YouTube channel The Catholic Therapist Resources: Check out Adam’s YouTube Channel The Catholic Therapist You can also find Adam on his Website www.AdamCrosssMFT.com Adam and I both work for Stillpoint Family Resources Continue reading Adam Cross

B. F. Skinner

B. F. Skinner is the most influential psychologist o the 20th century. Additionally he is the author of dozens of books. How did he come to be so influential? Today we examine his early life and some of his insights as a psychologist, especially operant and respondent behavior. Resources: B. F. Skinner himself set forth his theory of Radical Behaviourism in the book The Behavior of Organisms The B. F. Skinner Foundation contains tons of resources to better understand the psychologists work and legacy Here’s a cool video of the Skinner Box in action: Continue reading B. F. Skinner