What is Emotion

The history of what we mean by the word Emotion is a fascinating example of the variety of meanings, and changing hierarchy of importance among the different meanings, a word can have. Emotion is based on a Latin conjunction of ex movere or to move out but is first used by the French in the 1700s to describe a mental disturbance. The English phrase “He’s out of his mind” is probably closer to the original meaning of the word emotion than are the more benign contemporary meaning of this word. Emotion does not come to mean a category of feelings including happy, sad, mad, and all the rest until the 1800s and … Continue reading What is Emotion

Investiture of the Letterman

Where Soto Street and Whittier Blvd meet in the City of the Angeles sits a collection of buildings which has housed the young men enrolled at Salesian High School since 1958. The year after the school was founded saw the institution of the schools Letterman Society. Every year the young men who are enrolled in this society, the schools oldest, hear in the second reading at Mass about those who persevered in the combat, those who “washed their robes, and made them white in the blood of the Lamb.” (Rev 7:14). This is because it is the schools tradition to invest their … Continue reading Investiture of the Letterman