Big 5 Aspect Scale

In today’s show I take a look at the Big 5 Aspect scale and I share with you my results from the test. The Big 5 model breaks personality into 5 traits: Openness, Conscientiousness, Extraversion, Agreeableness, and Neuroticism. I found elsewhere on the internet that these can be remembered with the acronym OCEAN. Each of these have as traits have as their parts two subtraits. For example, Openness is divided into an openness toward new ideas and an openness toward new experiences. Openness: toward ideas and toward experiences Conscientiousness: industriousness and orderliness Extraversion: enthusiasm and assertiveness Agreeableness: compassion and politeness … Continue reading Big 5 Aspect Scale

Origins of Mindfulness, the Intellect, and Mentoring Teens

Join me this week as I consider the historical origins of clinical mindfulness and how the Aristotlian can begin to understand what mindfulness does. I also finish my thoughts on Aristotle’s presentation of the intellect in the De Anima. Finally Dan Selmeczy and Paula Grimm talk me about what it is like to mentor Catholic teens. Continue reading Origins of Mindfulness, the Intellect, and Mentoring Teens

New APA Guidelines and Dr Gregory Bottaro

Join me this week as I take up the APA Guidelines for working with men and boys and, on a much more delightful note, I talk with Dr Gregory Bottaro about the state of contemporary psychology, what it’s like being a Catholic Psychologist, and his book “The Mindful Catholic.” Dr Bottaro is the founder and Executive of the CatholicPsych Institute which offers a varity of online courses about psychology. He is also the author of “The Mindful Catholic”  a book which explores the relationship between the Catholic practice of abandonment to Divine Providence and practical exercises of clinical mindfulness. Continue reading New APA Guidelines and Dr Gregory Bottaro