Nearly 7% of adults will be diagnosed with a major depressive episode at some time in their life. But what is Depression? One way to begin answering this question is to consider its historical meaning, starting with Hippocrates and Galen, then working our way forward until finally we consider the description given in the DSM – 5. Along the way we will discover various possible causes for depression. Finally we will take an in depth look at the various kinds of depression described in the DSM – 5.

Treating Depression

There are many ways to begin treating depression. The majority of studies point to the conclusion that most clients need both talk therapy, usually of the Cognitive Behavioral variety, as well as medication.

One popular means of treating depressive symptoms, if not Major Depressive Disorder, is to by changing ones diet and exercise. Here I take up a consideration of the Mediterranean Diet and its effect on depressive symptoms.


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