Psychology, like all -ologies, is a massive area of study. One need only look at the variety of courses offered by the typical four year university, to say nothing of graduate programs, nor specialized schools and programs that offer concentrations in the field of psychology, to become utterly overwhelmed at the amount of information studied by psychologists.

Psyche Revived by Cupid’s Kiss

The Color of Thought Podcast seeks to distill and organize much of this information using the methods and conclusions of Aristotle and the Scholastic Tradition in a way that helps everyone solve modern problems with insights from classical psychology. We will do this in a couple of ways: commenting on various key texts, looking at common diagnoses and modern studies, as well as in depth looks at specific psychologists, and finally by interviewing fellow therapists.


Aristotle is not only one of the most systematic thinkers of the ancient world but also the foundation upon which the vast majority of science in the western tradition is built upon. First we take up a commentary on his De Anima. Next we turn to the text’s of one Aristotle’s greatest disciples, St Thomas Aquinas, whose psychological insights are sprinkled throughout his numerous writings including: Disputed Questions on the Soul, the Summa Theologica, and his own Commentary on Aristotle’s De Anima.

Be sure to also check out my recommended reading page where you will find not only ancient books but also contemporary books about classical psychology.



Obsessive Compulsive Disorder