Recommended Reading

Any recommended reading list for Sacred Scripture is necessarily massive, this is of course after you have you have read the Scriptures themselves! What I am going to do is – reversing C.S. Lewis’ rule for reading old and new books – give two old books and one new one for each book of the Bible: one Patristic source, one source from St Thomas, and then any modern folk I can find. I imagine much of the modern stuff will be from podcasts and other digital sources, any how, I hope this is helpful.

General and One Stop Sources:

Inaugural Lectures – St Thomas Aquinas
If you find a good digital source let me know!

This is the easiest way to begin to understand Sacred Scripture. In these few short pages St Thomas not only summarizes each text of scripture but he also places this summary in the context of Scripture’s overall purpose, that all men might have life. It is hard to find a good digital source for this text but can be found in the Penguine Classics Thomas Aquinas: Selected Writings arranged by Ralph McInerny.

Navarre Bible

The Navarre Bible is a popular resource not only for those seeking to deepen their practice of lectio but indeed, also for many graduate programs of Theology. One book at a time, this series presents not only the text of Sacred Scripture but also, in the tradition of the Medieval Gloss, many of the accepted interpretations of each passage as articulated by the Church Fathers, Saints, and dogmatic Statements.

  • The Law
  • The Prophets
  • The Hagiographers
  • The Gospels
  • The Acts and Epistles
  • The Apocalypse