What’s an Adolescent?

Adolescent is a Latin word meaning to grow up or nearing maturity. Anyone who actually has an adolescent in their house will be tickled to know that the word is very closely related to alere, another Latin word meaning to eat. Whereas the word teenager simply denotes that one is between thirteen and nineteen years old. In the States we tend to forget that nineteen year olds are teenagers because we become legal adults in all things except alcohol and tobacco consumption at eighteen. It is interesting to note that teenager is simply a demarcation of time, whereas adolescent takes a more qualitative approach to the maturing adult. Adolescent carries with it the … Continue reading What’s an Adolescent?

The Role of Mentors in a Teens Life

It is no revelation to parents that adolescents – teenagers – require different parenting skills than younger children do. This is never more apparent than when the adolescent, raised in a family with a clearly articulated morality rejects this in favor of the predominant culture. While we do not pretend to delve into all the possible reasons for this rejection we do hope to offer some practical resolutions for parents living with these periodically rational animals – their teenagers. From their first day children are exposed to the various conclusions of their parents moral teaching. Often times this exposure comes in … Continue reading The Role of Mentors in a Teens Life

Developmental Stages

If one pursues a question long enough, reading various authors from a variety of times and places on the issue, you will be amazed at the many similarities of thought and conclusions arrived at by what seems to be such radically different people. This is just as true of the question of how to raise children as it is of any other. Modern authors like Sigmund Freud, Jean Piaget, and Erik Erikson all considered stages people go through on their way to maturity. This consideration was not unique to them but was also taken up by Aristotle. Similarities between these authors … Continue reading Developmental Stages