Active Recollection

Mindfulness Meditation and books like Mindsight by Dr. Dan Siegel have received, especially among psychiatric circles, much attention in recent years. Even the Simpsons and South Park have, in their unique ways, made reference to Mindfulness in their latest seasons. Nevertheless, it is a frequent reaction among Catholics and Christians to instantly reject practices which look too much like eastern spirituality, however I hope that my readers will hear me out on what I believe is a healthy use of Mindfulness practices in the Christian Spiritual Life. Active Recollection is the name given in the Christian Spiritual Tradition to practices which when … Continue reading Active Recollection

Investiture of the Letterman

Where Soto Street and Whittier Blvd meet in the City of the Angeles┬ásits a collection of buildings which has housed the young men enrolled at┬áSalesian High School since 1958. The year after the school was founded saw the institution of the schools Letterman Society. Every year the young men who are enrolled in this society, the schools oldest, hear in the second reading at Mass about those who persevered in the combat, those who “washed their robes, and made them white in the blood of the Lamb.” (Rev 7:14). This is because it is the schools tradition to invest their … Continue reading Investiture of the Letterman

Some Thoughts on Spiritual Direction

It is a rare week that one of my coreligionists doesn’t ask some version of the question, “I go to spiritual direction, why would I need a therapist?” While I do not presume to be able to perfectly explain the difference I do hope to offer some useful thoughts along these lines. I look forward to your comments to help us all understand this difference. Both spiritual direction and therapy are concerned with matters of the heart. One clear difference between the two is that spiritual direction includes the forgiveness of ones sins, though we recognize even this is not … Continue reading Some Thoughts on Spiritual Direction